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ZAHARA'S GYPSY TEA  asks  "What is a good luck charm?
A good luck charm is an object that produces a positive influence over the fortunes of a person, or set of persons upon possession.
Certain objects have the ability to emit positive or negative spiritual energy, depending on their nature. The 'Lecher' and 'Lobe' antennae are simple scientific devices, which can be used to measure subtle amounts of energy emitted from living organisms and inanimate objects. 

As a Gypsy Psychic ,  I often get inquiries from people who want to know which good luck charm can help them win the lottery, or win at gambling and other other games of chance. It is possible to make such a recommendation  depending on details provided. the  But do good luck charms actually work? In a word - yes. However, the question one should really ask is:  "How can I find a Good Luck Charm that works for me?

Helena Zahara  introduces Good Luck Charm that is good for everybody.   She is excited to announce her new brew by that very name.  This is a rich red tea mad from Hibiscus Flowers.  This delicious tea can be served hot or cold.   The fragrances of Hibiscus has been sought after for use in  perfumes around the world, and a sweet-tart natural citrus taste.  It's rich red color is more vivid than many wines.  This drink makes and excellent substitute for alcoholic beverages and can be served in you beautiful wine goblets to impress your guests.     

There is  history of healing with Hibiscus Flowers.  In  Africa it has been used topically to sooth skin from bites, stings, and wounds.  It has been used as a mild diuretic and laxative and for weight loss.  In Egypt is has long been a folk remedy for heart disease.  In Iran it  has long been used to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, help weigh loss,  improve kidney function,  reduces free radicals and decreases stress.   Scientific studies have  recently proved that it strengthens your immune system.  In some parts of the world Hibiscus is used to treat cancer, especially b rain and skin cancer.  Hibiscus Tea is used to toast wedding in the Middle-East and Africa and is easily made into a delicious syrup. In the Caribbean  Hibiscus Tea is served at Christmas Celebrations.  In Thailand it is made into wine for celebrations.  In Trinidad it is served mixed with beer, and in Jamaica it is mixed with rum. This flower is traditionally worn by Tahitian women to signal they are single.   So with so much celebration, and  good health at hand, who wouldn't feel lucky?

 Zahara's Gypsy Tea only sells loose tea. Why you ask?   Because the tea needs to float to enhance all of it's healing properties.  Tea bags are made from paper with many chemical processes and often bleached.  The tea inside is  usually ground so fine that it resembles saw dust and quickly looses all it's flavor while it sit in  boxes on the shelf.  Many companies add sugar, corn starch and other stabilizers that further rob the tea of it's natural healing benefits.  Often the cardboard box contains more nourishment than the tea.

 Don't let the word tea miss lead you, This beautiful flower is great in salads, soups and baked good.  It adds fibers and is complete edible.  I even put it in oatmeal with some homey for breakfast!

 Warning: As with all herbal products you should consult you doctor before using if you have health problems or taking medications because some herbs can interact with medications.  Doctors suggest that all pregnant and nursing women avoid herbal products. There is some warning documentation that Hibiscus flower can increase the reaction of chemotherapy drugs. Do not use if you have low blood pressure. Don not drive under the influence of herbal herbal products until you know how you will react to them.  Hhibiscus is know to cause euphoria and sedation and euphoria in some people.

The information presented herein by ZAHARA'S GYPSY TEA  is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider

If you would like to order some of this delicious tea  go to,   it's not on the  menu yet but, just email us or phone and we will be glad to fill you order for good health and GOOD LUCK!  



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