Thursday, September 16, 2010


The only evidence of life is growth.

Growth is does not take place when you are frozen and looking backwards. No one has a realistic expectation for change to take place overnight, but you can practice new mental images and new behaviors until they become second nature.

Change starts with change the self-concepts. By reprogramming the old worn out ideas and believe systems. These beliefs are buried deeply in our subconscious brain. The subconscious is 90 percent of our though process. It stores information and operates like remote control until given new directions and information. To retain the thought patterns the new directions must be repeated through the conscious 10 percent of thinking. The only way to learn is by spaced repetition. Give yourself the gift of change by planting new thoughts in your subconscious brain. Plant the seeds of new ideas and water with repeated practice. Practice this daily until the new behavior emerge. If you relapse into your old thinking, go back and practice again. Each time the learning will take place 25 % faster.

An affirmation is an “I” statement of something which we wish to see manifest in our lives. It is a positive statement of our intention to move toward our dreams, ideals, and desires. Affirmations serve to inspire and motivate by reminding us to move in the direction of our goals. Affirmations also serve to remind us that what we desire already exists as a potential. When we start to believe it we will see its entirety. What we believe we are have the potential to achieve.

Daily repetition of affirmations builds the faith to pursue anything our heart desires. As in any skill, they do require practice. The repetition reinforces our ability to align our inner desire with our outer reality. They reinforce changes in our personality and help us overcome character defieicts. The more personal that you make your affirmations, the more powerful its impact. When you believe it, you will see it! The following are suggested affirmations. After practicing them, it is suggested that you create your own.

I am happy, healthy, whole and complete.

I am free from the past.

I am enthusiastic about my life.

I visualize my favorite places.

I have goals for my future.

I let go of clutter and confusion.

I am happy to care for my surroundings.

I choose to surround myself with pleasing colors and sounds.

I give freely to others.

I decorate my environment with expressions of my joy.

I am grateful for the gift of each new day.

I am in control of my emotions and my life.

I am willing to love myself.

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