Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Teas to Warm Your Body for Fall

As the season changes and the night air becomes crisp and the bones get chilled. I need something to warm my body and soul. So, into the kitchen witch mode I go to see what I can throw in my cauldron that will work. I am please with the results and hope you will be, too.


Gypsy blends of bountiful berries are beautifully blended in this naturally nutritious herbal tea the color of blood! Just in time for Samhain rituals. Currants, elderberries, and cranberries come together in a medley of red fruits that provides spectacular sweetness while filling the cup with vitamins and minerals. Rosehips and hibiscus also add their unique aromas to the mix, bringing still more natural goodness. Coupled with red rooibos. Samhain Brew presents a blood red cup that is sweet and fragrant for rituals on the most celebrated night of the year!

Ingredients- Hibiscus, currant fruit, rosehips, elderberries, cranberries, rooibos, and natural and artificial flavoring.


Gypsy Jahva embodies the sensual character of roasted herbs, with its rich, dark, and stimulating brew. Slowly dried and cooked, roasted dandelion root and chicory root are Gypsy substitutes for coffee, with their smooth full flavour. Both herbs also possess the added benefit of cleansing and detoxifying the liver. Crystal and chocolate barley malt introduce a nutty finish to this enjoyable beverage! The tea drinker’s coffee.

Ingredients- Roasted dandelion root, roasted chicory root, crystal malt, chocolate barley malt.


Kashmir Tisane is a Gypsy Blessing blend of dried fruits and flowers that lets the sun shine on you face. Lightly dusted cinnamon chips are carefully blended with whole marigold petals to mix warm sweetness with floral healing. The Gypsy Magic for the blend is a potpourri. This blend is colorful and will fill your home, office or car with the fragrance of the Turkish Market. Just place in small dishes and let the fragrance take you on an exotic journey.

Ingredients: Marigold petals, cinnamon chips, diced apricot pieces and apricot essences. Caffeine Free!


Cyder Chao is Gypsy magic as it fills the room with the smell of fall. Apple cinnamon starts with silky red rooibos, a tea high in antioxidants and beneficial alpha hydroxy acids. Add pieces of real apple, calendula petals, and a dash of cinnamon to create a tea that is mouth watering, warming and festive. This chao is naturally sweet. This Chao is too good to be good for you! The Gypsy magic for this tea is place in a muslin bag as air freshener or place in small bowls as a pretty potpourri.

Ingredients-Cinnamon, apple fruit pieces, rooibos, calendula (marigold) petals, natural and artificial flavoring.

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